Guruji Sandeep Sharma & their team runs the activities since 2007. The place functions like a ‘Gurukul’ meaning a residential school. The education is free and all the living expenses for the students are borne by the sanstha.
Sanstha needs your support and whatever may be your reason for donating and however you chose to make your donation, Sanstha will always be grateful for your support for this noble cause of spreading our ancient knowledge of Vedas to our younger generations.

You can support Sanstha as below :

Donation to Sanstha

Student Sponsorship

Vedic Scholar Sponsorship

Student Bhojan Expense

You can send your donations by Cash / Cheque / draft / Net banking transfer in the name of “SRRD”, Shri Lalita Tripur Sundri Shakti Peeth, Near Narsimha Ghat, Ujjain – 456006 – (M.P)
Send us an email at : to get more details about donations (Bank Account Information)